Hack Space is a strategy board game. Players launch artificial intelligence programs, or AI bots, to defeat their opponents in a virtual skirmish on the network. AI bots are controlled through a central AI Controller bot. The Controller bot's main purpose is to plan and coordinate attacks, lose the Controller bot and it is game over. There are two types of basic bots which attack and defend, Virus and Encryption bots. To aid the basic bots in their attacks are Augment bots. The AI programs are built so that when they are next to each other they can share subroutines and hardware resources increasing power of each connected program. Combine the power of your AI bots and defeat the enemy.

This is a digital prototype for a board game. All comments and suggestions are welcome. Here is the link to the rule book >here<. A PDF version can be downloaded as well. Printable PDFs for tokens and cards will become available in both color and black and white.

The core game play is formed. The power-up deck still need balancing.

Tips on using the digital prototype:

  • Right click to flip cards or tokens (augmentor bot).
  • If you are playing with power-up deck you can either reopen the game on different computers or open the game in different tabs. The deck is halved.
  • Use the start rotation to pick the rotation the pieces will point in before placing units, this will help identify the army.
  • Just drag pieces to the edge of the board if you are not using them. Piece clean up will come in the future.

Install instructions

Download and unzip. Folder contains unity prototype and PDF rule book.


hack-space-0.1.zip 50 MB
hack-space-rules-0.1.pdf 498 kB

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